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Our most popular question - keeping your number

I want to buy a SIM and keep my old number. How can I get the 3 sim with my old number?

The first thing to do is find the best SIM deal for you. All the SIM plans are listed here.

When you have chosen your SIM  just click “Buy Now” to add it to your shopping basket on three.co.uk. Click “continue to checkout” to start your purchase.
The next page will ask you about yourself and let you choose whether to keep  your number.

In the checkout you are given three options. It looks like this:
Your mobile phone number with Three​

  • Keep my current number for my new SIM​
  • Get a new number from Three and let my previous network know that I’m leaving​
  • Get a new number from Three​ (You can transfer your number later if you need)

You need to choose option 1 “Keep my current number for my new SIM​”. You will then be asked for the current number and PAC code.

Please note that this will only work if your PAC code came from another network like O2 or EE. You can’t use a PAC code move from one Three contract to another one. However, you can phone three Customer services and ask them to change your contract to the plan of your choice.

How do I get my PAC code?

A PAC, or Port Authorisation Code, is a short number that allows your phone number to be transferred between networks. You can request a PAC by speaking to your existing network, or there is now an easier way – simply text PAC to 65075 from the number you want to transfer. You will then receive a series of text messages to verify your identity, and then you will be sent your PAC instantly. If you are still under contract with your old network you will be advised of any exit charges.

If you request a PAC and don’t use it don’t worry – your existing contract will be unaffected. 

More FAQs

We have made a page with all the information you need about how Corona Virus may affect your Three order. Will Corona Virus/Covid-19 affect my Three order?

Absolutely! Three understand how irritating it is to have to regain all of your contacts, so they’ve made it easy for you to keep your existing number when you move to Three. To transfer from another network you need a 

The new “text to switch” service makes it really easy to request a Porting Authorisation, or PAC code.

In order to transfer your number, you will need to keep your account active with your old provider until it has been switched over. You will also lose any credit attached to your old account.

Most contracts with Three come with a specified monthly allowance of any-network anytime minutes, a number of texts and a certain amount of data included.

If you exceed your allowance, there is usually an extra charge for the additional usage, which will be applied to your monthly bill.

There are a number of settings you can tweak in your online My3 account in order to help you better manage your allowances each month. And they can give you a hand, too! When you are approaching your data limit, you will receive a text message from us, letting you know exactly how much data you have left to use.

Once your whole allowance has been used, Three will prevent your handset from accessing services that will use data – thus preventing you from receiving any ridiculous out of tariff charges. This means that you don’t need to check your allowance every time you look up an actor on IMDB or check your email inbox.

If your handset is quad-band, it means that you will be able to use it almost anywhere in the world; if your phone is tri-band, then it can be used in Europe. We let you know on each phone’s specification page where it can be used. You may be charged roaming rates when you call to or from abroad. It is always important to check your My3 account before you go away, as there may be some settings on your handset which require changing.

Go Roam enables Three customers to utilise their regular Pay-Monthly allowance when at any of the set destinations. Go Roam works automatically when you arrive in one of Three’s agreed destinations.

Simple make sure your device and international roaming are both switched on. You will receive a text, confirming the standard international roaming charges, then a text confirming that calls and texts back to the UK, as well as using data, will not cost you extra.

All of the gifts listed on this website come direct from the Network or the Manufacturer. They are usually delivered at the same time as you new phone – no waiting or fiddly application processes.

Yes, all prices listed on three-clearance.co.uk are inclusive of VAT.

You can use the internet when you’re out and about with other devices such as laptops, tablets and games consoles, by connecting them through Wi-Fi or USB to your phone (known as tethering).

If you are on an Unlimited, or  All-You-Can-Eat data plan then tethering is unlimited – there is no usage cap in the UK

All phone networks compete for customers with the best deals they can, but some are better than others. We look at all the prices and to find the best sale, or “clearance” deals.

There is a known issue on the three website that affects a small amount of visitors. Sometimes when you try to purchase a phone or SIM you may see an error that says “Sorry, there is nothing selected”. Trying to add more products to the basket usually results in the same message.

Don’t worry, this is just a website bug – three very much want to take your order and most of the time you can still make a purchase. You just need to “clear” the glitch from your browser cache to remove the glitch.

We suggest trying one or all of the following:

  • Switch to a new browser and restart the purchase, adding the product to your basket from fresh. eg. if you are using Firefox try Chrome or Edge.
  • Empty your cookies and browser caches. Restart your browser.
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