Inserting the SIM Card

Whether you have bought a SIMO deal, or a handset with a network contract, your service is made possible with a SIM Card.

Don’t just take the battery out – make sure you turn the phone off properly.

 All Three SIM cards are trio, or multi SIMS. That means they work in all phones. Your phone needs a SIM card to access your chosen network. Multi-SIMs can be pressed out to change the size of the SIM to match the phone. Most phones use Nano SIMS – the smallest size.

Use the SIM tool to open the SIM tray.

Most phones have a SIM tray that pops out of the body of the handset. If you don’t know where it is check your phones manual. It can usually be identified because it has a small hole to help unlock it.

Your phone probably came with a metal SIM tool that can be used to unlock the SIM tray. If you lose the SIM tool, or you don’t have one then then any long thin  object like a pin or needle will work. Be very careful not to stab yourself.

Insert the SIM tool into the small hole on the SIM tray and push gently.  The tray should pop out with a small click.

The tray has cut out shapes to ensure it can only go in one way — copper side at the bottom.

Gently wipe the metal points on the SIM to remove any fingerprints before you install it.

Once the SIM and memory card are  sitting flat in the tray, insert the SIM tray back into the phone.
It is usually easier to do this with the phone on a flat surface.

Be firm, but you should not have to force the tray back in. The tray should be flush with the body — if it protrudes slightly then it may not be installed correctly.

If you encounter resistance take the tray back out, rearrange the SIM and memory card, and try again. The SIM tray often also houses the memory card, so you may want to install them both at the same time so you only have to do this fiddly job once.

  • Turn the phone off before you install the SIM card
  • Be careful—new phones are very slippy!
  • Be very careful not to scratch the SIM tray or phone housing — if for any reason you need to return your new phone it needs to be in good, unused condition.

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