Refurbished Phones for Three

Get the highest quality for the cheapest price.

Refurbished mobiles are professionally remanufactured to look and perform like new, and are usually covered by a 12 month warranty. A refurbished phone is a great companion for our Three SIM deals.

SIM Free, unlocked Refurbished phones

Great SIM Free and Renewed phones from Amazon

Did you know Amazon sell refurbished mobile phones through their Amazon Renewed program?  Amazon Renewed phones only come from approved sellers and come with a 12 month warranty. The most popular refurbished handsets are iPhones, but you can also find leading Android manufacturers like Huawei or Samsung. Here is a selection of SIM free and refurbished phones from

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More about Amazon renewed

Amazon Renewed is a great way to find refurbished mobile phones that are inspected and tested to function and look like new.

Amazon Renewed suppliers are not Apple or Samsung certified, but they are certified, vetted and managed by Amazon. Every Renewed supplier has to prove their expertise and the quality of their products before they can list their items. Each renewed product receives a full diagnostic test, thorough clean, and replacement parts where needed. Any repairs are made with genuine components that are either brand new or in as-new condition.

As a rule of thumb, Renewed handsets should look perfect when held 12 inches away, with only minimal signs of wear up close.

All Amazon renewed handsets qualify for Amazons standard return policy, and also come with a 12 month guarantee, and are eligible for replacement or a full refund if it doesn’t work as it should.

Beat the Grades

Refurbished or second user phones are often graded to reflect their condition. These grades are usually letters – A for great condition through to D or E for poorer condition.

However, there is no set standard for these grades, and different suppliers apply different standards. Some sellers even inflate the grades to command a higher price.

To sell on Amazon every supplier has to prove the quality of their process and demonstrate that they can stick to it. Unless otherwise labelled, you can consider an Amazon renewed handset to be Grade A.

Looking for even more options?

Need more options? Music Magpie stock a range of second hand and used phones. We have made a page listing Three compatible refurbished phones from Music Magpie.

What is a Refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones aren’t always second hand. Often they have been returned to a retailer under their Returns Policy. These handsets have had very little use and are thoroughly tested to ensure they’re in perfect working order before being sold on at fantastic prices. It’s a great way to grab a high-spec handset for less money.

Refurbished mobiles have either been bought and returned within the 14 day return period, or used for a while and reconditioned. 

When phones are purchased but returned very quickly they are technically second hand, but still in great condition. This is great for you because you are receiving a handset that has had very little use and is in effect brand new. When the phone has been used regularly used in a previous life the reconditioning process is more involved. The most important parts like the battery and screen will be replaced if they aren’t up to scratch.

Can I upgrade to a Refurbished phone?

When they are available, refurbished deals can only be purchased with a new contract, which means you will also receive a new mobile number along with your phone.

If you are currently on Three pay as you go or any plan from another mobile network, you can port your old number to your new refurbished phone with one of our great SIM Only deals.

Why can’t I get a refurbished mobile from the networks?

Really sorry, Three don’t always have refurbished stock available, and at the moment they seem to have run out. Not to worry, the third party retailers we work with are a great place to find your next phone at a great price.

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