Mobile Phones With Free Gifts

Some phones are even better value with a range of free or bundled gifts! Get great Phones with free gifts like headphones, smartwatches or even Android tablets.

Current Gifts

Press each gift to see the deals available with each one.

How do I redeem my free gift?

Most of the free gifts we list will be delivered at the same time as your phone – no claim or redemption necessary.

If there is a redemption or claim process you will receive instructions from Three. Gifts with a Redemption process are sometimes powered by the phone manufacturer so you may be directed to the Samsung or Huawei website to claim your gift.

Is this for real?

Yes! Most consumers don’t know you can get a free gift with your next mobile phone. There is no catch as long as you buy from a credible website. 
Once you have made your order your free gift will normally be sent at the same time as your new phone, so it’ll be ready for you to use before you know it. 

What sorts of free gifts are available?

You can choose from a variety of free gifts, such as gaming machines, headphones for your new cell phone, iPads, and even cash.

There is an option for everybody, no matter what their interests are. If you are searching for a particular present, you may want to select your next phone  depending on the gift that you will get. To help you do that we list the fifts first and then the phone – so you can see all the phones available with a specific gift.

We are always checking for new free gifts, and as soon as they are available they should appear on this page. The accessories that come bundled with some of our phones can be a great way to save money and get an even better experience for your new smartphone.

Do Phones with free gifts come with a catch?

No catch! The free gifts available with our deals change often, but they usually include headphones, chargers and smartwatches, depending on the manufacturer. They come straight from the mobile network, and you can trust that you will receive what they have promised.

What if I return my phone. Can I keep the gift?

Generally, if you decide to return your phone within the statutory return period you are obliged to return the gift with the phone. You should always check the T&Cs before you order to make sure you understand any special condtions.

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