3 SIM Only Deals

Simply pop a Three SIM into a new or existing phone and you are good to go! A 3 SIM Only contract is the best way to get access to great prices and huge amounts of data.

Our most popular 3 SIM Only deals:

12GB for just £8 a month!

£8 p/m
12GB Data | Unlimited texts and minutes | 12m contract

More than enough data to get you through the month for just just £8 per month! 

12 Month SIMO

12 Month SIM Plans are the best combination of value and contract length. Receive all the Three perks plus great data allowances, and don’t get tied in for too long.

24 Month SIMO

24 Month SIM Plans give you peace of mind for two years. Get the very best prices by committing to a longer contract. Perfect if you have a that you are perfectly happy with and don’t plan to change for a while.

1 Month SIMO

1 Month SIMO plans are the best for flexibility and budget management. Switch between bundles to suit your needs and don’t worry about what will happen if you don’t need your SIM any more.

Why Choose Three SIM Only deals?

Three SIM Only plans almost always come with unlimited calls and texts. it is is the data that sets them apart, and Three was built from the ground up to be the best network for mobile network.

Three covers 98.3% of the UK population and all plans are 5G ready. 4G Super-Voice gives you super clear voice calls and a better signal indoors.

  • A variety of plans to suit your needs.
  • Generous data allowances at all  price points
  • No extra charge for 5G.
  • Three SIMs work in any unlocked 3G, 4G or 5G phones.

SIM only deals are the perfect alternative to traditional mobile phone contracts. Match a SIM contract with a new or existing phone and you could save hundreds on your mobile phone bill. With a SIM only deal you are just paying for the texts, minutes and data. By making your own arrangements for the phone handset you avoid taking out what is in effect a loan to pay for it.

SIM only deals are becoming more popular as phones become more expensive and more capable. You don’t have to buy a new phone every 2 years, and a SIM Only contact is the perfect way to keep yours on the road.

How do I get the best value?

SIM contracts are available in 1, 12 or 24 month terms. We think 12 month terms are usually the best combination of price and flexibility, but there are often special offers that make any contract length a great proposition.

Will a 3 SIM Card fit and work in my phone?

Good news! 3 SIM cards are all Triple SIMs, so you don’t have to worry about Micro, Nano or Standard SIM sizes again.  The SIM will definitely fit in your phone. A clever slotting mechanism means you simply press the correct size out of the cardboard template and put it straight in your phone.

To connect to the Three network your phone needs to be unlocked. A lot of phones are already unlocked, and if yours isn’t yet then it is usually a simple process.

Does my phone need to be unlocked?

Your phone does need to be unlocked to use a SIM deal. Most 3 phones are unlocked by default, as are phones sold by Carphone Warehouse and giffgaff (double check, but most are…).

If your phone came from one of the major networks and you have had it for a decent amount of time they should be able to assist you in unlocking it – either for free or a nominal fee.

Is SIMO much cheaper than a contract?

SIMO deals are a lot cheaper than mobile phone contracts for two reasons. Phone contracts are essentially a loan for the value of your chosen handset, plus an airtime contract. SIM Only plans concentrate on just the airtime and competition in that market means prices are kept low, with regular special offers and time limited deals.

3 SIM Only deals are generally the best value mobile contracts you can get. Keep your existing phone or buy a new one from any source, and take advantage of more texts, minutes and data for the money.

Keep your old phone and keep your old number with minimum hassle. All you need to do is contact your old network to ensure your phone is unlocked, and ask them for a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) – that will enable Three to transfer your old number across to your new SIM.

And remember, with a Three SIM-Only plan you get access to Three’s 5G network for no extra cost. If you’re in an area with 5G coverage and your device is compatible, you can take advantage of super speedy internet on your mobile with a great value All-You-Can-Eat data plan on Three.

Can I keep my old number?

Generally, yes. If you are moving from another network you need to request a PAC code and provide it to Three who will use it to transfer your number to your new contract. If you already have a Three number then we recommend you speak to the network – they may have a better upgrade deal just for you.

Can I tether my laptop or tablet to my SIM Only connection

You can share your entire data allowance with another device using tethering. iPhones and Android phones both make it easy to fire up a personal hot spot and tether any device. Some limits do apply when using data abroad, but they are generous and should not affect normal usage.

What about European Roaming?

Great news, all Three SIM Only Plans are Three Advanced Plans. That means they have great roaming provisions in europe and popular global destinations. Use your texts, minutes and data as usual and be reassured you won’t receive a big bill at the end of your holiday.

5G sounds amazing. Can I get it?

Yes you can! All SIMO contracts are 5G enabled so as soon as 5G arrives in your local area it will be available for you to use. You will need a 5G ready phone, which can be bought from a variety of sources.

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