Three Refurbished Phones from Music Magpie

Looking for a new mobile phone at the best price? Try Refurbished! A lot of our visitors are looking for refurbished mobile phones from Three. 3 don’t often sell refurbished handsets but that doesn’t have to stop you getting a great refurb deal to go with your new 3 SIM Only plan.

We have teamed up with Music Magpie to find the best prices on the most popular phones in the UK.

iphone XR 64GB
Get the iPhone XR from £399.99 to £599 (Pristine)
iphone XR 64GB
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB
Get the S10 from £404.99 (Good) to £579 (Pristine)
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB
iPhone 8 64GB
Get the iPhone 8 64GB from £199.99
iPhone 8 64GB

Why Music Magpie?

  • Certified Refurbished Phones with a 70 step quality checking process
  • Free Delivery on all orders
  • 12 Month warranty on all phones and tech

Do Refurb phones come with a warranty?

Absolutely. All refurbished phones come with a 12 month warranty for complete peace of mind.

How do Music Magpie Refurbish their phones?

Every mobile phone Music Magpie sell is put through a thorough 70 point check to make sure you get the great quality phone you deserve.

Why is there a range of prices?

Music Magpie Certified Refurbished phones are graded and priced by their overall condition – Good, Very Good and Pristine.

Even Good condition (Grade B) phones are fine for daily use, while Very Good and Pristine are hard to distinguish from brand new handsets. Music Magpie have a steady stream of phones available so you jst need to choose how much money you want to save!

Unlocked Mobile Phones to suit any budget
An unlocked refurbished phone is just as much an investment as a brand new one.

Will a refurbished phone work with my Three SIM?

Three SIMs work in any phone that hasn’t been “locked to another network. You should always look out for “unlocked” or “works on the “Three Network”. Where possible all the links we provide already have the “unlocked” filter applied.

Can I trust Music Magpie?

Music Magpie are a respected business who have been around for many, many years. They restore and refurbish much more than phones – you may have seen their books and CDS on the shelves of some of the UKs leading high Street retailers, or popped into one of the Total Entertainment stores.

The prices you are advertising aren’t right

Music Magpie are constantly replenishing their stock to get the best prices and phones for their customers. We update our prices every day to keep up but there may be a slight discrepancy every now and again. If you do spot an error we are very sorry. You should always treat the prices on our site as a guide and use the price advertised on Music Magpie as the definitive price.

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