Three Unlimited Data Deals

Say goodbye to data anxiety with Three Unlimited data deals. No limits or speed caps, and you can tether to your laptop or tablet.

Three unlimited data mobile contract deals

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Is Unlimited Data right for me?

Some mobile networks have strict limits on the amount of data you can use, and others have hidden or unfair fair use policies that restrict the speed and amount that you can download.
This can make choosing a mobile plan a real pain – particularly if you need a lot of data or your usage changes significantly each month.

Three like to make things simple – with an All-you-can-eat data plan you can literally use the internet as much as you like without ever needing to fret about unexpected charges, limits and fair use policies.

Can I tether unlimited data?

Yes, if you have an Unlimited data plan you may tether your computer, laptop or tablet with no limitations.

All Three Pay Monthly phone and SIM-only plans include Personal Hotspot. functionality. If you have Unlimited data the hotspot has the same allowance so you can use your phone as a Personal Hotspot without worrying worry about unexpected bills.

Do I need an unlimited data plan?

Unlimited or “All-you-can-eat” data is best suited to anyone who streams music and video regularly, downloads large apps and films and generally wants to have a futureproof mobile plan that will cater for their growing data needs.

Three’s contract handset and SIM-Only plans come with a range of data allowances to suit everyone. If you are a light user then 3 4GB plans will be plenty for browsing the web, checking your emails and watching the occasional video. If you do a lot of social networking and download apps while you’re out and about you’ll probably want Three’s 12 or 30GB plan instead. 

Does All-you-can-eat data work with 5G?

It does – and is the perfect partner! As 5G is being rolled out across the UK more and more people are getting access to superfast data speeds. While having 5G in itself doesn’t increase the amount of data you consume, it does open up a world of new opportunities, from downloading movies to streaming high fidelity music. Three are offering 5G to all of their customers at no extra cost – so grabbing an All-you-can-eat data plan is a sure-fire way to make sure you’re making the most of it.

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