iPhone 12 News and Rumours

We are all waiting for it… What does Apple have in store for us with the iPhone 12? Will it even be called the iPhone 12?

When will the iPhone 12 launch?

Something we know the answer to!

Thankfully, you don’t need the rumour mill to answer this question – Apple follow a pretty set schedule when it comes to product launches. the iPhone 12 will almost certainly be announced in September from the Steve Jobs Ampitheatre. Millions will tune in to the live stream.

How many iPhone 12 models will there be?

Hold on to your hats, the current wisdom is there will be four iPhone models. One smaller phone at 5.4 inches, two mid-sized at 6.1, and a larger Plus at 6.7 inches.

Amazing Screens?

The scuttlebutt is that Apple will bring us 120Khz screens. This super fast refresh rate was previously the domain of high end gaming phones like the Razer Phone, but we saw it announced in the Samsung galaxy S20 and Apple can’t be far behind.

However, the iPhone XR was successful despite (or because of) using a LCD screen. We could see the same strategy again – expect to see one of the expected four models do something slightly different to save some cash.

Will it be 5G?

The Jury is still out on this one

Apple is known to be working on it’s own 5G chips, but in the past they have hinted 5G won’t be coming in 2020. Nonetheless, a lot of industry analysists expect 5G to be bought forwards.

Will it be USB-C?

The EU recently voted to make all manufacturers adopt USB-C to avoid waste and increase convenience for phone users.

Apple don’t agree with this – the proprietary Lightning connector helps them keep control of the lucrative iPhone accessory market, but it is likely that ne new iPhone 12 will have some sort of USB-C support.

In the past Apple have offered adapters for Lightning cables, so it it likely they will adopt this tactic again, instead of converting all of their tech to USB-C.