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Zero 0800 Charges.

The average Three customer spends £92.16 during the life of their contract making calls to 080, 084 and 087 numbers*.

*If you're one of our customers who hasn't made calls to these numbers in the past, we haven't included you in this calculation, as it's the average amount saved by customers who already call these numbers.


We know that unexpected costs are annoying and feel unfair. That's why we're working hard to remove as many of them as possible, and it's why our new Pay Monthly price plans give you different ways to manage your spend.

For starters, we're making calls to 080 numbers free of charge. And calls to 084 and 087 numbers will be just 5p a minute.

To show you that this new price cut really does work, we have created six 0800 numbers of our own for customers to enjoy. If you’re already a Three customer, take a look below and pick one to try for yourself (we’re especially fond of our Singing Dictionary).

0800 Numbers To Try Out












This is yet another way we have added value to our contracts for our customers. If you like the idea of not having to worry about extra charges sneaking onto your monthly phone bill for these types of numbers, take a look at our Handset page.


0800 Calls FAQ

Why the change?

A report by Ofcom in the latter part of 2013 showed that mobile consumers in the UK annually spend a total of more than £600 million on calls to premium telephone numbers. Our own research has shown that over the course of their contract, one of our customers will spend an average of £91.16 on making calls to 080, 084 and 087 numbers.

What's the feature in a nutshell?

This new feature means that you won’t need to clock-watch when on a call to any of these usually-premium numbers. And because we know how much everyone dislikes surprise charges and extra items on phone bills at the end of each month, we figure it will help to make itemised bills more transparent. Unfortunately, at this moment this change is only available for customers on a 24-month plan, and isn’t available for anyone making use of our SIM-only contracts.