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Your Guarantee.

Refurbished Phones have been previously sold but returned to Three under their Returns Policy.

Reasons for return may include (but are not limited to):

  • A customer exercising their Statutory Rights;
  • Customers changing their mind after their purchase.


Would I be able to tell that the handset isn’t new?

Any handsets returned to Three are rigorously tested to ensure they look and perform like new.

Three's Returns Policy requires customers to return their phones to them “as new”, which means that these handsets have seen minimal use. However, all phones that go through the refurbishment process have a full factory reset performed as standard. Any cosmetic damage (such as scuffs and scrapes) or damaged parts are completely reworked, refurbished or replaced. This means that your refurbished phone will come to you in the best condition possible.

Do Refurb purchases still have a warranty and returns policy?

Absolutely. Refurbished phones are still covered under the remaining period of their manufacturer’s warranty, and Three also give you a new full 12 months of protection. You also have the right to return your phone within the first 14 days of receiving it – during which you can send back the handset if there are any problems, just as you could with any new phone, provided that it hasn’t been used. For details of what we mean by ‘used’, please click on the link below. This doesn’t affect your statutory rights.

Overview of Three's return and exchange process (external link)

For more information about refurbished phones, check out our FAQ page.