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WiFi Deals

Mobile broadband lets you connect to the internet on the go; they connect to a mobile network (such as Three) in order to send and receive data in the same way as a handset. Our dongles and MiFi devices even work on public transport – so you can make more of the daily commute!

And thanks to an independent survey carried out by YouGov, you can rest assured that you’re getting amazing value for money. We have been voted Best Retailer for Mobile broadband, topping the charts for reliability, ease of use and overall quality of service.

Here at Three we have all of your WiFi needs covered with our Mobiles Dongles and MiFi Devices. Browse our range below to see what amazing offers we currently have available!


Three mobile broadband


Do I need a Dongle or a MiFi?

When to choose a Dongle

If you’re looking to connect a single device, and it has a USB port, then a dongle may be the best product for you. These devices are small and don’t require any external power – which means you don’t need to remember to keep it charged before taking it out and about. All you need to do is plug the Dongle into the USB port and it will automatically connect you to the internet. Then when you’re done checking your feeds and watching the latest viral Youtube clip, simply remove the dongle from your device.


When to choose MiFi

When your device doesn’t have a USB slot (such as an iPad), or you want the option to connect more than one device at a time, a MiFi is exactly what you need. Three’s MiFis create their own wireless network, with the ability to connect up to ten wireless devices at once. As with the Dongle, the range of MiFi devices here at Three are all pocket-sized, so there’s no hefting around large bits of equipment!



Do I need to be an existing 3 Mobile customer?

Not at all – anyone can sign up for 3 mobile broadband. You don’t need to own a handset from Three in order to benefit.


How do I top up my account?

It’s really straightforward to add credit to your mobile broadband account (or to upgrade your monthly data allowance) by using a credit or debit card and your computer. Simply sign in to your My3 account. Once you’ve gone through the short process of setting up your chosen payment card for the first time, coming back and adding credit is easy. The process is very safe and secure, with the added security of re-entering your card’s security code to proceed each time. Once you’ve done that, reconnect your dongle, tablet or MiFi to check your new balance, and get started again with your new allowance. Happy surfing!


How much data do I get?

Our plans are designed with every type of internet user in mind, so you can choose the price plan that best suits your internet usage needs. Whereas a customer who just checks their emails may need as little as 1GB, someone who wants to download music and watch movies may require anywhere up to 15GB per month.


Three mobile broadband