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What's in the box.

How your refurbished phone is packaged

Given the effort that goes into making sure that your phone is properly refurbished to a high quality, protecting the handset on its way to you is a top priority.

Three Refurbished Box Contents

Here, you can see how refurbished phones are packaged so you know what to expect when yours arrives.

Thinking about the box

This is the box that refurbished phones are sent in. It’s made of sturdy corrugated cardboard to protect your phone in transit. It’s eco-friendly too – all of the packaging materials are recyclable.

Taking a look

We’ve opened up a real package to show you an example of what comes in the box when you buy a refurbished phone. The specific items in the box may vary between phones (depending on whether they come with CD-ROMs, extra SD cards, etc), but this is a good example of the sort of thing you’ll see.

Safe & secure

Inside the box, cardboard and plastic film holds the main body of the phone securely in place. Other components and accessories are contained in soft bags, made from recyclable plastic, to protect them.

Everything is packed snugly so that there’s no rattling about or getting damaged during its journey to you. The back cover of the phone is also packaged separately from the rest of the handset to make it easier to set up.

Travel buddies

Refurbished handsets are shipped along with:

  • Battery
  • Back Cover
  • Headset
  • Charger

The package may also include a memory card, user guide, or CD-ROM depending on the phone.

Everything in the package is in great condition; either new or as-new.