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Unlocked handsets now available as standard.

All of our handsets are now being sold already unlocked, saving you time and money in comparison to network providers who still charge for unlocking. We will even unlock any handset previously purchased through us (and therefore currently locked to our service), completely free of charge.

What does ‘Unlocked Handset’ mean?

An unlocked phone is a handset which can be used with any network, not just the one it was purchased from. Either it has never had its software locked to a specific network, or it has had a specific code inputted which enables its use across any network provider. Essentially, when a phone is unlocked, the user can insert any SIM card from any network provider into their handset, and get service.

Why would I want an unlocked phone?

Having an unlocked handset is useful if you finish a contract and want to switch provider, or have been given a handset by a friend or family member, and wish to continue using your current SIM card, which is with a different network.

A big benefit lies with customers who have to make regular trips to international destinations which are not currently part of our Feel At Home service. With an unlocked handset, you are able to purchase a prepaid SIM card in the country you are travelling to, for temporary use.

How do I unlock a handset I bought previously?

If your mobile phone was purchased from us any time before we were offering this service, the chances are that it will still be locked to the Three network. Unlocking the handset is easy – simply GO HERE and follow the instructions on-screen.