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Track Your Data Usage.

There’s no need to worry about sneaky data charges with Three. No matter which tariff you’re currently on, we will help you make sure you’ll never have to pay out of bundle fees while using your handset here in the UK.

How do Three help me track my usage?

There are a number of settings you can tweak in your online My3 account in order to help you better manage your allowances each month. And we can give you a hand, too! When you are approaching your data limit, you will receive a text message from us, letting you know exactly how much data you have left to use. Once your whole allowance has been used, we will prevent your handset from accessing services that will use data – thus preventing you from receiving any ridiculous out of tariff charges. This means that you don’t need to check your allowance every time you look up an actor on IMDB or check your email inbox.

Why not add more data to your plan?

If you find yourself using up your data faster than expected, and there’s a lot of month left between renewals – you can still keep browsing! Simply purchase a 30-day data bundle to top you up, and ensure you can stay online when you need to.

Our data bundles are as follows:

  • £2.50 for an extra 250MB, valid for a full 30 days
  • £5.00 for All-You-Can-Eat data, valid for a full 30 days.


For more information, take a look at page two of our Price Guide!