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Three inTouch App.

As of this August, our customers will have the ability to make voice calls and send texts via Wi-Fi, thanks to our new (free) App, Three inTouch.

Who is it for?Three inTouch App

Our 4G rollout is still on track to cover 98% of the UK by the end of this year, and our 3G coverage already stands at over 97% of the UK. So this service is particularly useful for customers working from buildings which interfere with call quality, but have reliable Wi-Fi connection (such as businesses). Train commuters will also get a lot out of this app – especially when an important call has to be made on-the-go!

How does it work?

Once the app is installed on your phone, it will activate by connecting to the Three network. If you take out your SIM card, the app won’t work on your phone until it’s been put back in. Your calls and texts are still carried through our network – we simply receive it via Wi-Fi. The great thing is the app doesn’t use your Three Internet Data allowance to make the calls or texts, which means you get to keep your full Data allowance for checking out your favourite kitty vids on YouTube. Worried about the range of the Wi-Fi hotspot you’re connected to? We’ve programmed in a handy warning tone to let you know if you’re about to go out of range.

inTouch AppHow do I use it?

When you have installed Three inTouch on your handset, you can simply use your phone’s regular dialler to make calls over both Wi-Fi and the regular Three network. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about which one to use – the app with automatically connect based on which currently offers the strongest coverage. Voicemail can still be accessed by dialling 123, and the Three Customer Service number remains 333.


Is it secure to use?

Three inTouch uses encrypted protocols between our network and the app to ensure your calls are secure. Logs of the calls you make on the app will be stored on your phone, in the same way as information of your regular calls are. If you receive a text message while using Three inTouch, it will appear in your handset’s normal text message inbox, and also in the Three inTouch inbox – although it’s always a good idea to check both when looking for an older message.

Who can I call?

Three inTouch can be used to call any number, not just the ones that are also connected to the Three inTouch app. In this way, it isn’t like a peer-to-peer service such as Skype or Whatsapp, making it a truly versatile, useful benefit. You can’t use the app to call international or premium rate numbers, whether in the UK or abroad. If you do need to call these out-of-bundle numbers, you will need to do so over the Three network, as normal.

Is it really free?

Absolutely! The app can be downloaded at absolutely no charge, and any calls or texts you make will come out of your inclusive allowance. If you go over your allotted allowance, you will be charged at our standard rate – so no sneaky extra-high prices for using this great service.