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Three Feel At Home.

Use your phone abroad at no extra cost.

Feel At Home on the Beach

Let’s face it, roaming rates just aren’t fair. Being hit with extra charges as soon as you get back from a holiday is no fun – neither is worrying about it while you’re there! We don’t think it’s right to charge extra for calling, texting and using the internet abroad. In fact we want to make it fairer, squarer and better.

Feel at Home lets you use your allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny extra. And if you come to the end of your allowance – or want to make calls or send texts to places other than the UK, we offer you incredibly low rates.

You can enjoy Feel At Home whether you’re on Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go, using a tablet, phone, mobile Wi-Fi or dongle. So now you can leave roaming on when you’re abroad – upload pics of you beside the pool, post updates from the beach, or gloat about the weather as much as you like.

But please, brag responsibly.

No matter how you’re deciding to travel, your phone can now come along for the journey without you having to worry about dealing with hefty extra charges when you return home.


Feel At Home can be used in the following destinations:

  Feel At Home Duo

Australia Austria
Denmark Finland
France Hong Kong
Indonesia Israel
Italy Macau
New Zealand Norway
Republic of Ireland Spain
Sri Lanka Switzerland
Sweden USA


…and Three are committed to working on extending this list, so if you’re keen
to go abroad somewhere else, keep checking back!




Wait, I have more questions about Feel At Home!


That’s absolutely fine, and in anticipation of this, compiled below is a handy ‘FAQ’ list of questions, which we have been asked by Three customers regarding the What, How, and Why of taking advantage of this amazing benefit from Three Mobile. If you can’t see your questions answered below, please consider getting in touch with us via our Contact Form, where a member of the Three Clearance team is more than happy to help.


Feel At Home FAQ List

What is it?

Three customers can enjoy free international roaming whilst abroad in a great range of countries. Three’s Feel At Home service lets you use your in-plan allowances (data, calls and texts), to contact friends and family back in the UK. So if your regular UK allowance or Pay-As-You-Go Add-On gives you unlimited data and 600 minutes (for example), then you'll still get the 600 minutes, as well as a whopping 25GB data allowance whilst in a Feel At Home destination!

How do I get it?

One of the best things about Three’s Feel At Home service is that it happens automatically! If you’re already a Three customer, you don’t have to sign anything extra. It simply works automatically when you arrive at one of the above destinations. When your device and international roaming settings are both switched on, you’ll receive a text confirming the standard international roaming charges for the country you’re in. Wait a few moments more, and you’ll then get an additional text to confirm that calls and texts back to the UK, as well as your in-plan data usage, can be accessed at absolutely no extra cost.

What if I go over?

If you do get a bit too enthusiastic about telling friends and family members just how much fun you’re having and go over-plan or add-on, you will still be eligible for reduced roaming rates. These rates are:

  • Calls: 20p /min
  • Texts: 7p /each
  • Data: 10p /MB

Is this only for Three Customers?

Sadly, if you’re not a customer with Three, you’re stuck with those annoying, expensive international roaming charges. Just another reason in a long list to become a Three customer. Why not check out our fantastic Handset or SIM deals, right here on Three Clearance?