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Refurbished Phones on Three Clearance

Three don't currently have any refurbished phones available for sale on pay monthly or pay as you go. If you'd like to check out their fantastic and affordable range of contract phones, simply click the link below:


Get the highest quality for the cheapest price.

The handsets below are exclusive deals, just for the customers of Three Clearance. All our refurbished mobile phones are professionally remanufactured to look and perform like new, and are covered by a 12 month warranty.


What is a Refurbished phone?

Refurbished phones are handsets which have been returned to us after their initial sale, under our Returns Policy. They have been thoroughly tested to ensure they're in perfect working order, before we resell them at fantastic prices, so it's a great way to grab a high-spec handset for less money. Take a look below at our favourite refurbished handsets in order to take advantage of the amazing deals here on Three.


Can I upgrade to a Refurbished phone?

If you’re an existing Three customer you won’t be able to move to a Three Clearance refurb deal by upgrading your existing pay as you go, SIM only or pay monthly plan. Refurbished deals can only be purchased as new contracts, which means that you’ll receive a new mobile number along with your phone.

If you’re currently on Three pay as you go, or any plan from another mobile network, you can port your old number to your new refurb phone. Unfortunately this isn’t possible when moving from one Three pay monthly contract to another.


But what about…?

If you have any further questions about our refurbished handsets, take a look at our Guarantee and FAQ pages.


Looking for insurance for your new phone? Not all providers will cover refurbished devices, so read the terms and conditions careful and make sure that you get refurbished mobile phone insurance.