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Nokia E5 White (Refurbished)

Nokia E5 White - Why we like it.

  • Qwerty keyboard great for texting
  • Stylish white-silver Blackberry-esque looks
  • Easy social network integration
  • Great value free at just £10/month

Overview of the Nokia E5 White.

Check out the Three Nokia E5 in white! With great value and great features, it strikes a perfect balance between functional and just plain fun - the Nokia E5 is a great way to manage both your work and social life.

We love the QWERTY keyboard on the refurbished E5. Easy-to-use buttons make tapping out an email or posting a tweet that little bit quicker and easier. The 2.36" screen is great for web browsing and watching the latest YouTube hit, and the overall design of the handset, with its stainless steel overlay, really makes a striking visual impact.

Add up to 25 contacts to your homescreen and keep your favourite people only a click away! Your E5 will display their statuses from all your favourite social networks, so you can get at-a-glance updates of the goings-on in your social sphere. Choose which icons to appear, choose your background and choose your email to really make your homescreen feel as unique as you are.

Not limited to being a social networking wizard, the E5 also has Quickoffice. Need to view and edit Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents on the go? The E5 provides! You can also access your work email, so if you need to you can keep an eye on how things are progressing out of hours.

When you consider the great media and camera functionalities that also feature on this snappy handset, the 3 Nokia E5 really is a good choice for an all-round phone that excels at social networking and emailing.

Specifications for the Nokia E5 White.

Size and Weight
Weight (grams) 126
Dimensions (H x W x D) 115 x 58.9 x 12.8 mm
Display Resolution 320 x 240
Display Size 2.36"
Display Type TFT LCD
Colour Depth 262 Thousand Colours (18 bit)
Primary Camera Flash Yes   LED
Display Pixel Count 5 megapixels
Primary Camera resolution 2592 x 1944
Primary Camera max. video resolution Yes   VGA (640x480)
Secondary Camera No  
Memory and Software
Internal memory 250MB
Memory card slot Yes   microSD up to 32GB
Processor 600 MHz
Max. talk time Up to 13 hours
3G Yes   HSDPA
Bluetooth Yes   2.0 with A2DP
Email Yes  
Connector Yes   Micro USB 2.0
Flash player Yes   Adobe Flash Lite

User Reviews for the Nokia E5 White.

5 stars

The physical QWERTY keyboard on the Nokia E5 is simply a joy to type on - so much so that you'll find yourself easily answering emails, writing texts and sending Facebook messages quicker than ever before. I still like the design of the the Nokia E5 and it feels solidly comfortable when it's sitting in my hand. You also won't need to worry about draining the battery by spending too much time on it as I found that it's more than capable of lasting a whole day of texting, messaging and surfing the web. Excellent connectivity and superior build quality put the E5 ahead of its closest rivals mostly because of it's low price point.

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Nokia E5 Refurbished White

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Nokia E5 White.

Nokia E5 Refurbished White Nokia E5 White
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