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Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB) (Refurbished)

Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB) - Why we like it.

  • Iconic Apple design and superior build quality
  • Intuitive interface that is easy to use & instantly
  • Packed full of smartphone features, that all run beautifully on the iOS platform
  • A vast app store - the best in the business

Overview of the Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB).

Want an iPhone without having to break the bank? You can get an iPhone that's been refurbished. You can't do better than the refreshed iPhone 3GS from Three Clearance - with the iPhone free at just £17/month, we don't believe there's a better deal on the market!

That fabulously iconic Apple design still works its magic, and the 3GS's distinctive curved back means it's perfectly comfortable in the hand for even the longest phone calls. The build quality is also immediately obvious, with a satisfyingly premium feel to everything from the screen to the case to the volume buttons!

Beloved of tech aficionados everywhere, the iPhone 3GS is nonetheless simple and easy-to-use for just about anyone. The clean, intuitive user interface and ever-so-simple navigation combine with a smooth and responsive touchscreen to make the 3GS a great introduction to the world of smartphones. And once you've tried our refurbished iPhone, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

And what can the iPhone 3GS do? Pretty much anything you could ask of it! As well as calls, texts, email, social networking, and web browsing, access to the Apple app store opens up a whole world of possibilities! Customise your iPhone to fit your life - whether you want games, work tools, social features, or music and video apps, the best-quality app store in the industry won't let you down. And don't forget the iPhone 3GS's impressive camera! Never again miss the perfect moment for a snapshot, and share and send photos with ease via email or facebook.

The refurbished iPhone 3GS on Three is a top-end phone now available at a great value refurbished price tag - take advantage now whilst stock lasts!

Specifications for the Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB).

Size and Weight
Weight (grams) 135
Dimensions (H x W x D) 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
Display Size 3.5"
Colour Depth True Colour - 16 Million Colours (24 bit)
Touchscreen Yes  
Primary Camera Flash No  
Display Pixel Count 3.1 megapixels
Primary Camera resolution 2048 x 1536
Primary Camera max. video resolution Yes  
Video calling No  
Memory and Software
Internal memory 8GB
Max. talk time Up to 12 hours
Music and Video
Radio No  
GPS Yes  
Wi-Fi Yes  
3G Yes  
Bluetooth Yes  
Email Yes  
Connector Yes  
Multi-touch input Yes  
Personal Assistant (Voice Control) Yes   Siri
Accelerometer Yes  
Mapping software Yes  

User Reviews for the Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB).

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Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB)

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Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB).

Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB) Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB)
Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB) is no longer available.
We're sorry, but the Apple iPhone 3GS (Refurbished Black 8GB) has been discontinued.

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