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Huawei are renowned in the mobile space for their excellent wireless modem and mobile Wi-Fi dongles. The Chinese manufacturer has also started employing its vast reserves of technological know-how in order to produce smartphones. Huawei's new range of Android phones cover a vast range of user needs, catering to the price-conscious budget consumer right up to the high-end technophile in need of the latest in 4G technology.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. originally started out as a firm dedicated to crafting telecomms networks through manufacturing equipment and consultancy. Despite its Chinese heritage, Huawei has been a major player throughout the international sphere. Such a wide reaching approach has enabled the company to enjoy massive growth over the years and Huawei has now overtaken Ericsson as the largest manufacturer of telecomms equipment worldwide.
Huawei have a long history of supplying mobile Wi-Fi dongles and wireless modem technology to both customers and manufacturers. After having found success in this field, Huawei entered the smartphone market directly in 2009 after having developed a range of feature phones. The Chinese manufacturer has used its expertise to allow it to compete with heavy-hitters such as Samsung and Apple with its own range of 4G-enabled high-end devices having launched to coincide with the UK’s first foray into 4G.