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4G on Three

Why should I care about 4G?

4G is the next evolution of speedy mobile internet – a step up from the regular 3G coverage that most smartphones currently provide. For many customers, Three’s 4G network will be faster than even their home broadband connection, which on average stands at 9.6Mbps, compared to the potential 100Mbps that’s achievable on 4G.


Can I get 4G?

Three’s 4G rollout is on target to provide 4G coverage to selected sites in 50 cities and many more towns by the end of 2014, and to cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015. And because Three offer true All-You-Can-Eat data plans, you’ll be able to access the internet, stream content or download to your heart’s content at ultrafast 4G speeds.

If you would like to check coverage in your area, please take a look at our Coverage Checker. If you find that Three haven’t caught up to your area just yet, don’t worry! Buying a 4G-capable handset is still a good investment, as you’ll still get great 3G coverage, and will auto-connect to whatever the best network speed is in your area.

Since most of our handsets are now 4G capable, we have decided to list our ‘top ten’ below. To see the rest, take a look at our All Phones page here on the Store-3 website.

Our 4G-ready handsets start from as little as £20 per month, so get in the 4G game now, and check out these amazing 4G-ready, super-speedy phones from Three below!


But I have more questions about 4G!

That’s absolutely fine, and in anticipation of this, compiled below is a handy ‘FAQ’ list of questions, which we have been asked by Three customers regarding the What, How, and Why of getting 4G-ready handsets, and starting to use this amazing service on Three Mobile.

If you can’t see your questions answered below, please consider getting in touch with us via our Contact Form, where a member of the Three Clearance team would be more than happy to help.



  • What is 4G?
  • Why should I care about 4G?
  • What’s the difference between 4G and 3G?
  • Why is 4G better than 3G?
  • Does 4G cost more than 3G?
  • What handsets can I get 4G on?
  • Does 4G work in other countries?
  • Does 4G use more data than 3G?
    • Can I track my Data Usage? How?
  • How can I change the 3G on my phone to 4G? (How do I upgrade?)
  • Can I use 3G on a 4G handset?
  • What if I go to an area without 4G coverage?
  • Where can I currently get 4G? (Locations)
  • What specs does my phone need to run 4G well?
  • Should I upgrade to a 4G handset?
  • Can I turn 4G off?
  • How do I change my phone settings to allow it to connect to 4G?
  • Do I need a 4G SIM card?
  • How do I use Tethering on a 4G plan?
  • Why should I choose Three for my 4G requirements?