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Three InTouch App lets you send texts and make voice calls via WiFi.

We are pleased to announce plans to let customers make voice calls and send texts via Wi-Fi, thanks to a new (free) App being rolled out this August.

Our new app, called ‘Three inTouch’, can be used over any wireless internet connection (including home and public Wi-Fi spots and mobile wireless devices) to make calls and send texts.

This service will be particularly useful for anyone who lives in rural areas. While we’re proud that we’re now covering over 97% of the UK, we know that not everyone may have access to our super-fast network where they need it – so we’re creating a way of getting around this until the rest of our coverage has been rolled out. Although customers working from buildings which interfere with call quality, but have reliable Wi-Fi connection (such as businesses) will also be the perfect candidates to take advantage of this great new service.

All calls and texts also come out of your monthly allowance, which means zero extra cost for this useful service – there’s no having to worry about routing calls and texts via WiFi, because it’s all seamless, automatic and will only improve your call and text coverage and quality.

The 'Three inTouch’ app is already downloadable, for those in areas of lesser network coverage, in its BETA form for customers with Android 4.0 or higher on their handsets.