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Data Users Guide.

A quick guide for mobile data users

Understanding data allowances

With so many great tariffs on offer at fantastic prices, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out exactly what allowances you need so that you don’t run out, or overspend on a tariff you don’t fully use. The minutes and texts part of an allowance are pretty self-explanatory, but many customers don’t feel quite as confident when it comes to deciding how much data they’ll likely use each month.

Take a look at the table below to see just what you can do with your data allowance. And remember, if you don’t use your handset to stream the latest music, that data can be put to use scrolling Tumblr or answering important emails instead. The table below should be used only as a guide, since everyone has different online needs.

 Plain Text Emails Web-Surf Hours Video Download
 Music Download


What about Apps?!

There's a good reason we haven't included Apps in the table above. There are just so many different types of apps available - from currency converters to high-end action games to always-on pedometers, that trying to come up with an 'average data usage' across the board is pretty much impossible.

How can I be sure?

The only way to be absolutely certain of your usage is to check into your My3 account every now and then and see how much data you've used. If you find that you're hitting your limit before the end of each month, you can always increase your allowance - either on a monthly basis, or for the remainder of your contract.