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LG are probably best known for the stylish designs of their recent smartphones. After having paired up with designer fashion-house Prada three times already, LG clearly place a large emphasis on much more than just the function of the phone. From the upper-end of the smartphone range with the Nexus 4 and Prada 3.0 to the more price-conscious L-series, LG smartphones have always paired unmistakeable style with quality and performance.
LG has a history of producing consumer electronics that spans more than 50 years. Their presence in the telecommunications market is also notable, having produced and sold a wide range of feature phones for many years. The electronics division is the flagship subsidiary of LG Corp, which is the second biggest firm of its type in South Korea, second only to Samsung. LG has traditionally focused on the Android market, with the sole exception of the Optimus 7. While no LG phone supporting Windows Phone 8 has yet been announced, LG has not completely negated the possibility of producing one in the future.